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Feedtech have a large range of Boots and anchors. All Manufactured in powder coated heavy duty steel and are supplied with bolts, clamps, bearings and shafts where required.

This range is designed to hold the centreless auger and PVC casing at the opposite end to the drive motor, with the boots allowing grain to drop into the auger, thus giving a solid trouble free auger.

The range covers Twin Parallel Boots, Twin Parallel Through Boots, Twin Uni-Directional Boot, Single Boot, Single Through Boot, Pencil Auger Boot, Anchor Shaft & Bearing, Anchor Shaft Bearing & Tube.

A new range of drive boots are now available. Designed to push over a short distances, they have a motor bolted to the rear of them and come in 40 mm 65 mm 80 mm and 100 mm

40 mm Twin Parallel Boot Assy
40 mm Twin Parallel Through Boot
65 mm Twin Parallel Boot Assy.
65 mm Twin Parallel Through Boot
40 mm Twin Uni-Directional Boot Assy. (360 deg.)
65 mm Twin Uni Directional Boot Assy. (360 deg.)
40 mm Single Boot Assy
40 mm Single Through Boot
65 mm Single Boot Assy
65 mm Single Through Boot
80 mm Single Boot Assy
80 mm Single Through Boot
100 mm Single Boot Assy
100 mm Single Through Boot
4'' Pencil Auger Boot
5'' Pencil Auger Boot
40 mm Anchor Shaft & Bearing
40 mm Anchor Shaft
65 mm Anchor Shaft & Bearing
80 mm Anchor Shaft & Bearing
100 mm Anchor Shaft & Bearing
40 mm Anchor Shaft, Bearing & Tube
50 mm Anchor Shaft, Bearing & Tube
65 mm Anchor Shaft, Bearing & Tube
80 mm Anchor Shaft, Bearing & Tube
100 mm Anchor Shaft, Bearing & Tube
40 mm Drive Boot
65 mm Drive Boot
80 mm Drive Boot
100 mm Drive Boot

  • Class 12 PVC casing used on all auger lines is economical and long wearing.
  • Only the best quality augers will satisfy the through-put & reliability needs of today's farmers.
  • All systems are supplied with Hi-Tensile Flat Blade Centreless Auger.
  • Collection Boots are designed to maximize auger throughput & increase reliability
  • Quality bearings protected by rubber seals, provide longer life and fewer maintenance problems

Drop Tubes available to suit 40mm and 65mm auger lines and can be supplied with or without shut-off facility.

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