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*FEEDTECH* offer a range of Twin Roller Mills to suit most feeding systems.

Fully automatic and manually operated roller mills are available in five sizes.

Twin 4” with a Capacity of :- 4.00 Tonne Per hour
Twin 6" & 4” with a Capacity of :- 5.50 Tonne Per hour
Twin 4" & 8” with a Capacity of :- 6.50 Tonne Per hour
Twin 6” with a Capacity of :- 7.00 Tonne Per hour
Twin 6" & 8” with a Capacity of :- 8.00 Tonne Per hour
Twin 8” with a Capacity of :- 9.00 Tonne Per hour
Note: Specified roller mill capacity can vary according to type and condition of grain.


  • Magnetic protection of roller
  • Quick & simple adjustment of Rollers
  • Lowline design to fit under most silos
  • Quality roller bearings
  • Spring loaded roller overrides
  • Robust M/S construction
  • Fully guarded to moving parts
  • Dual mill that will crush a combination of grains.
  • Has the ability to mill two different grain types at the same time whilst blending them in the mill boot
  • An additive can be added to the grain during the milling process.
  • Both sides are individually adjusted quickly and simply.

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